Friday, July 29, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been a fun day. There was food and more food. Even when there was work to do, the atmosphere seemed light. Oh how I love fridays. And of course, My Bibe's home now, back from Iloilo.


My outfit today was pretty simple with just jeans and a polo shirt. The polo was one of about four or five that I got from a Giordano store in HK last year. I just thought I'd wear some color today. The jeans are Topman that I folded around the hem. I'm also wearing sneakers by S***r (Swear) and a striped red belt from Polo Ralph Lauren. And after five straight days of wearing contact lenses, I thought I had to rest my eyes a bit, hence, the glasses from Kenneth Cole. More photos after the jump.



  1. I liked so much! Very good for a work's happy hour!
    Yellow is my fave color!
    KIsses ~.~
    Have a nice wekend!


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