Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Project Look Book] Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's really sad to hear that up to now there are still areas in Luzon that remain flooded, no thanks to the back-to-back typhoons that hit the country last week. TV footages reveal such an unsettling sight, with people on the roofs of their houses, helplessly waiting to be rescued. It's even more unsettling to learn that rescue boats are very limited, so it takes forever to move everyone to safety. And then even if people are rescued, in some areas they've got nowhere to go after because there's just flood everywhere. It also doesn't help that the rains keep coming and every single dam out there is releasing humongous amounts of water to maintain levels that are safe for the dams. I just hope this nightmare ends very soon.

Good thing, though, that a lot of people and organizations are lending a hand, including the company that I work for. But just when is the President himself visiting the typhoon and flood victims? When?


Oh, well. On with today's outfit, I'm in such drab and understated colors today, that is if you call black and gray colors at all. They're still colors to me, though. On a whim, I toyed with the idea of posting photos in black and white. Obviously I'm not so good at it as I didn't get the right effect I was gunning for. It was worth the try, however.


And just to show what I looked like in color...


Shirt (G2000); pants (from BKK); tie (from SM Department Store); belt (Merger); shoes (Frank at Traffic); bracelet (just got it from one of them stalls at Glorietta).


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