Monday, November 12, 2012

Making our Halloween family costumes

More than a week after Halloween I still get compliments for our cute costumes, more so for our little trippy family portrait. At the office the other week, when Halloween celebrations were in full swing, we got everything from cute to creepy. We took them all as compliments anyway. Equally gratifying was that I managed to scare a number of kids and grownups alike. Haha! It was but another of our little fun-filled mini-endeavors now over and now relegated to objects of reminiscing.

Also, I still get questions on where we got them or how we made them. For the record, we made them.


My Bibe got the idea from a blog (I'll have to ask her the URL), which she found cute. Of course I did, too. There was no arguing, and we instantly were set on our Halloween costumes. What's more fun was that the cats were going to be part of the whole thing.


The bear heads were papier-mâché, which was a first for me as I've never made one before. To create the round molds, we used inflatable beach balls for the two big heads and a balloon for the small one. We cut strips of newspaper and used a mixture of cornstarch and water to paste them on the balls and the balloon. We did four layers of newspaper and added a fifth one of white paper because we didn't want the newspaper to show.


We let the balls dry for two days since they had to be really dry for them to be sturdy. I was actually worried they wouldn't dry in time.


But they did dry and we deflated the beach balls until we could pry them out of the mold. As for the balloon, we just had to prick it.


We tried on the molds to see if we could fit our heads inside the hole. So Kwittie Boy had to try it on, too. We then fashioned ears out of cereal boxes and taped them into place. For the snouts, we used paper cups.


Now it was time to paint. We used poster paint so it'll dry faster. My Bibe took brown and mixed it with black and white so we had three different shades.


I had to mark where the eyes would be before painting, then we basically just played with all three shades, and painted the supposed irises black. I accented with white a bit and drew the snouts and mouths.


For Foreman, who was to be our Goldilocks, My Bibe simply fashioned a makeshift wig out of yellow yarn. We tried it on him and he sure wasn't amused.


Now all four of our costumes were done!


Till next Halloween!


  1. How funny!! Congrats, you did a great work!

    Wherever the Sunset is

  2. I didn't realize you literally couldn't see out of those heads o_o I thought the eyes were screen or smth. Props for endurance haha


    1. haha, thanks. had no time. we thought of the screen too late.

  3. Gorgeous!!
    I love your post...and you the way that you show us how you did it!!

    The Lady Posh


  4. Thanks :)... Yeah, it was still great helping out with the show! Fun experience!

    LOVE this post! I was curious how you made those masks :). I love how you made a small one for your pet... haha!


  5. This would be perfect! thank you for the inspiration and sharing your cool Halloween outfit:)


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