Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 07.11.2013] Before there was Instagram

As Instagram roared its way into the social media seen, we've seen a barrage of food porn and "selfies." But before all this, we were pretty much happy with our old phones's arcane versions of filters and frames, though we may not have played with them as often since, of course, they just stayed in our phones for want of a proper venue for sharing.

Today My Bibe and I are celebrating our 8th year together, so this Throwback Thursday post is an ode to those days of us taking our own photos together--our selfies of old, if you may--when they just stayed in our mobile phones for our own private viewing pleasure. The time has come to upload them.

2006 04 11_caramoan2
Caramoan on April 11, 2006
It was already such fun then playing with all those silly graphics.

2006 04 11_caramoan
Caramoan on April 11, 2006
Decent photo quality from a Nokia N70, but the graphics, not so much.

2006 04 11_caramoan3
Still at Caramoan, April 11, 2006
That sepia filter is still very much alive today.

2006 06 11_ilocos sand dunes
On the sand dunes of Ilocos, June 11, 2006
Black and white endures.

2006 wknd b4 vday_puerto galera
February 11, 2006, Puerto Galera
This one's from an older phone, a Nokia 6600.

2006 03 09_at home
At home, March 9, 2006
Another Nokia N70 product.

2006 07 11_at home
On our first anniversary, July 11, 2006
Taken at home after our date

2006 06 05_office
June 5, 2006 at the office
Here comes that mustache again.

2008 08 09_the ramp g3
Taken on August 9, 2008 inside a dressing room at The Ramp in Glorietta
Oh yes, we did send this out months later as an MMS Christmas greeting.

To My Bibe Kwittie,

It's been a wonderful eight years. Sure there have been tears and hardships, but what we'll really cherish the most are our good times together, of which we certainly have a lot. We've passed that so-called seven-year itch already and I'm pretty sure that our love and relationship is here to stay. If it's any indication, the number 8 is the infinity symbol.

I love you and will continue to do so. Here's to infinity and beyond!

Your Bibe Doggie

2007 07 11_nuvo
Remember this surprise treat from the chef at Nuvo on our 2nd anniversary?


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