Thursday, October 17, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 10.17.2013] Baclayon Church, Bohol: Regret for my past underappreciation for heritage

Seeing those images of Bohol and Cebu's old churches destroyed, I understand that after expressing their horror and sadness, people are suddenly filled with an air of nostalgia about past trips to Bohol, particularly to these once-glorious heritage structures.

I'm no different, but I realized how little attention I actually gave to these churches. Of the churches affected, I've only been to Baclayon (although I've seen the Loboc Church but never went inside). Oh yes, regrets. And more so because I've only managed one decent photo of her:

2013 10 17_baclayon-bohol 01
The Baclayon Church belfry, as viewed from the back near the convent area.

That was in April 2005 and I haven't even been able to photograph the church! It's just the belfry, which topmost portion had since collapsed. I have a couple of indoor shots but since I was just carrying a lowly Kodak KB-10 point-and-shoot at the time, the prints were dark and simply terrible. I was, however, able to snap a few low-res shots from my Nokia 6600.

2013 10 17_baclayon-bohol 02
2013 10 17_baclayon-bohol 03
2013 10 17_baclayon-bohol 04
Inside the Baclayon Church in Bohol. How could I not appreciate the gilded altars, the painted ceilings and all? Shots taken from a Nokia 6600, hence the poor resolution.

Just sad, really sad.

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