Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome to Club Paradise!

It was Easter Sunday. And after spending two nights in Coron town, My Bibe and I were off to our next destination, Club Paradise. It's in Dimakya Island, east of the main island of Busuanga. Coron is on the west part, down south, so we had to travel back to Busuanga Airport, our pickup point. We hopped aboard this oversized air-conditioned jeepney:


It was a 20 to 30-minute ride north of the airport, through vast grasslands where cattle grazed. Until we reached this makeshift mini-port where our boat ride commenced:


We advanced through lush mangrove forests, which was quite refreshing. Seeing all that green was very relaxing for the eyes.


We enjoyed placid waters for maybe the first 10 to 15 minutes, passing by El Rio Y Mar, Club Paradise's sister resort, until we hit the open sea, beyond the protection that the main Busuanga island provides. It wasn't that rough because of the season but I could imagine what it would be like during the monsoon months. There were a couple more islands, each with a strip of white sand beach, that you can sea en route to Club Paradise. Our guide told us they were private islands owned by this and that. Wow! Wish I owned one, too. Well, after about 45 minutes we arrived at our destination.


The island had a wide sandy beach, only it was so porous it made walking a little more difficult. We were ushered into this shaded area just outside the restaurant for welcome drinks, a wet towel to freshen up, and a brief orientation. And oh, more than a dozen staff welcomed us with some songs.


Our room at Club Paradise wasn't ready yet so they offered us a temporary one. But transferring may just be more of a hassle for us so we stayed around and had lunch first. And some photos.


The restaurant was still nearly empty as guests were still enjoying the sun outside.


Our package included full board meals, all buffet. And one thing stood out -- their mangoes! They're like one of the sweetest I've ever tasted (I remember Basilan and Guimaras as contenders).


After lunch, we proceeded to our room, which was one of twenty beach-side bungalows lined along the resort's main sunset beach. I'll be showing some photos in my next post (check out Our cottage at Club Paradise).

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