Friday, June 17, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, June 17, 2011

The other night I read a post from Ivy Style, one of the blogs I follow on bloglovin, about how Lacoste came to be the preppy polo of choice (you can read the full article here). It was a well-written and interesting article about the brand's origins, the story behind the croc logo, the brand's heyday in the 70's, how competitor Ralph Lauren shook its dominance, and its recent resurgence in the fashion world. As expected, it also decried how today's polos are in no way near what the brand used to make back in the day.

After reading that informative article, I thought I'd wear a Lacoste polo today.


I agree with some readers's comments on Lacoste's quality today. I do find the fabric on the flimsy side but who would want to wear something so thick in this tropical climate? So it's really not an issue with me. Instead, my main issue is the brand's price point. And the peso's weak purchasing power sure doesn't help. On the other hand, what I like about today's Lacoste is the variety. Yes, they have since diversified and I find the upbeat designs and bold colors appealing. Case in point: this oversized croc logo and multicolored details on the sleeves and collar of this polo I'm wearing.


A birthday gift from My Bibe last year, I love how this polo fits me. Today I wore it with jeans from Penshoppe and sneaks from Zara. I only realized it now, but I'm wearing a belt from Ralph Lauren, the brand that ended Lacoste's glory days in the 70's.


If you hate the washed-out images, it's just me tinkering with Lightroom. Here are the original full color versions:


Happy long weekend, guys!

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