[Project Look Book] Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It suddenly feels a lot like summer here since last weekend. It's extremely hot when it's supposed to be the rainy season already this part of the globe. On second thought, it's always summer in the Philippines. It only becomes a wet summer during the monsoon season. It's the only season I think we have.

So today I wore something light, a floral-printed white shirt from Bangkok and pants from Merger. I love this shirt; it makes me look so thin (haha!). For footwear, I originally thought of wearing brown leather shoes but I changed my mind. I slipped into these ombre Zara lace-ups instead. And I'm still wearing my horcrux ring.


I wanna show you the shirt's print up close.While some roses are printed perfectly, others are made to look less perfect, which I actually like.


Comments, anyone?


  1. Hello dear Armel! Check your blog came up close and confess that his style has inspired me too! I LOVE to see men so stylish, I wish my husband would be so, but he has other qualities that outweigh those that are lacking.
    I'm following your blog now and I will come whenever I can to make my comments.You are my special guest to visit my blog, is very welcome! I hope you enjoy and like.
    Your new fan from Brazil
    Flavia Cruz
    Kisses ~.~

    * Sorry my English! Google always help me! rsrs

  2. thanks for dropping by, flavia! and thank you for the compliments.
    i checked out your blog and i'm following it now.
    you are so fabulous and i'm enjoying your photos and posts even if google doesn't do a flawless translation. but i get the whole picture, more or less.

    best regards,

  3. So loving the pattern on this shirt! Amazing..I too like that some are fully printed while others are distorted..

    All the best, Angel

  4. glad you liked it, angel! thanks for dropping by.


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