[Project Look Book] Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It was a wet day. It's been raining nonstop because of a typhoon yet again (hope everyone stays safe). But I think we've seen worse yesterday when it was raining really hard and traffic was hell. Well, traffic was still hell today but to a lesser extent.


On the bright side -- at least as far as my personal and trivial vainglory goes -- I was able to capitalize on the weather. I finally got to wear this military jacket from Urban Outfitters that I had for several months now. It was just too thick for the kind of weather we have here, so it was left confined to my closet ever since it arrived. Oh well, the downside of online shopping.

I only had a v-neck shirt underneath since I never intended to take the jacket off in the first place, plus I didn't want to end up dripping in sweat either. The trousers are from Topman and the shoes, Aldo.  Here are a few more photos:


Call me crazy or what but I'm still torn at the moment between hoping that the weather will improve tomorrow and wishing it will still rain because I want to dig into my closet for another jacket. Okay, I'm crazy.


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