[Project Look Book] Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Since yesterday my colleague, Jen, has been wearing the hat of my photographer. Unlike my existing all-female trio (Jas, Aple and Joanne), all of whom were approached by me, Jen volunteered. Well, it's more like she's "practicing" on me, as we'd like to call it in jest.

But you know what, my daily shoot is pretty straightforward: I'm nearly always against a blank wall in the office, and close to the glass panels for some lighting. Outdoor shots are a rarity. In fact, my camera settings sometimes remain unchanged for a couple of days if the weather is consistent. But I'm happy I have someone new.


Moving on with today's outfit, I realized I haven't worn a tie in a while. So today's the day. It's just one of my cheap SM Department Store finds, but good enough to top off today's outfit. Hey, it's value for money, and it goes well with my very old crumpled Martin Box shirt from Prima Linea and Memo brown dress pants. I usually pair this shirt with gray pants but I opted for brown today. I'm also resting my eyes a bit from wearing contacts, so I'm wearing glasses today.


Going back to my photographers, I'm thinking maybe I should do a shoot on them for a blog post real soon. I think it would be great.


  1. it was really nice of Jen to volunteer to be your photographer, the photos look awesome as always. you should definitely photograph your coworkers for an upcoming blog post.

    Costin M.

  2. i really should. the three others have been doing this for me since january. i owe them a lot.


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