[Project Look Book] Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today the tech world mourns the death of Steve Jobs, who finally succumbed to cancer. I'm staring at my iMac right now and am reminded that it really is one gorgeous piece of equipment. I am likewise reminded that it is but one of Steve's many contributions to the fantastic world of computing, just one of the impressive products of his sheer genius. I need not enumerate his array of inventions and innovations anymore because everybody knows about them, as he definitely has already left an indelible mark in all of us. Apple's radical-thinking co-founder will surely be missed.


I'm back to grays today. I already picked today's outfit the night before, so any somber feelings related to Steve Job's demise that this ensemble may evoke are purely unintentional. I was just lazy.

Lazy as I may have been, I definitely am still fond of this ombre pullover from Prima Linea. It's been with me for years now and I still love it. Notice on the side the what-I-call "love handles?" Nice touch, eh? The fabric's also really soft and comfortable. To go with it, I wore gray pinstripe pants from Topman and black shoes from Traffic. I wore argyle socks, though. I also borrowed this brass owl necklace from My Bibe to add just a tinge of spice to another monochromatic look (I relapsed so soon).


I got to think about something other than grays and blacks for tomorrow's outfit. I feel I'm becoming so boring.


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