Friday, November 18, 2011

Bench Body is going places

Philippine powerhouse brand Bench is on a roll! I finally got to watch the much-publicized (at least locally) episode of America's Next Top Model All Stars earlier (originally shown last Monday) where the models did a shoot wearing Bench underwear.

Consistent with the brand's propensity to infuse fun and color in their undergarments, the ones worn by the models looked more like bikinis or swimsuits than lingerie, an observation shared by some contestants and even by Andre Leon Talley. While classic styles are still the best for a lot of people, I think it's also good to have fun with your undies once in a while.

Here's a clip I found on YouTube on the said episode:

Meanwhile, the posters of Michael Trevino (of The Vampire Diaries) for Bench Body are already out. I wrote last month that following Bruno Mars, Trevino was the brand's latest endorser, but this time for the brand's underwear line. While Bench has some really crazy designs for briefs and boxer briefs (I know because I also wear them), they were rather tame with their choices for Trevino's shoot. Check out a couple of the finished products:

michael trevino3

I'm happy for Bench. It surely has come a long way from being a lowly line of t-shirts at SM Makati to what it is now after 25 years.

Bench's website:


  1. Funny I just bought some Bench on Tuesday. Have to say they were the tamer designs and are very comfy!

  2. thanks, guys!

    @david - really? so there's one in toronto then? and they're quite cheap actually.


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