Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[Project Look Book] Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Nearly everyone here at the office is busy decorating for Christmas. There's a small contest within our department, that's why. Clusters of cubicles were grouped to form teams, and judging will be this Friday. We're four in our group, and our rather ambitious concept has been constantly met with challenges. We're going for an elegant black Christmas with silver and plum accents. There will also be some Christmas art printed on transparencies. But would you believe we've been to several bookstores and shops already, and every single one of them ran out of stock for black colored paper? Major problem. So far we've only managed to hang a single transparency sheet and we need to complete everything by tomorrow night. Good luck to us!


Today I wore mint green on gray, and for leather, I went for black. The whole outfit's pretty basic and safe. The gray blazer was in hand for warmth whenever the AC got too cold for comfort. It actually doesn't match the shirt that well. But what the heck.


Paisley shirt (G2000); charcoal gray pants (Topman); shoes (Frank at Traffic); belt (SM Department Store); watch and necklace (Aldo).


  1. really like the piping on the blazer

  2. Love blazer ♥
    In this outfit was amazing!
    appear my dear!
    Have a great weekend
    kss ~.~


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