Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Lookbook 02.07.2012] Shoot me in pink


I know I look silly in that photo but it's nice to have a "behind the scenes" shot anyway. In case you're wondering, they're shooting us for our new company ID. It will no longer bear the usual 2x2 photo where you're facing the camera head on. Instead, it's gonna be a half-body shot in some supposedly fun and casual pose. I know more and more companies are going this route and ours has decided to join the bandwagon.


That's me right after my three frames, wondering what the next ID craze would be. 3D? Holographic? Personally I'd want a moving photo, like the ones in the Harry Potter series (the laughing Sirius Black perhaps?). That would be really sick!

For my outfit, I thought of the colors of our would-be ID. We were told not to wear white (presumably because of the white background), blue (which would get lost in the large circle bearing our nickname), and black (which I don't understand because I thought it would be perfect). So I picked a pink shirt with tiny black stripes because I wanted something bright, and let it just stand out by wearing black pants. The shirt actually has a strap underneath each sleeve to hold them when folded (notice the black button on each side?), but I preferred going long that day.

Human Resources wanted us to go casual but I wanted to wear a bow tie, and so I did. I don't think they really would have a problem with that.


Now I'm excited for our weekend getaway. Gotta pack our bags!
Striped shirt (Topman); pants (Zara); shoes (Frank at Traffic); bow tie and belt (both Merger); glasses (Kenneth Cole).


  1. Nice picture :)
    I like your blog, would you like to follow eachother?

    I'm now following you :)


  2. nice pink shirt :)


  3. The color and cut of the shirt perfect, a great outfit!



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