Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Lookbook 02.10-12.2012] Resort cool with yellow sunnies


What a sight: my lovely Bibe taking my photo and a gorgeous pool in view! Yes, vacations are always great no matter how short they are. I realized I haven't been posting a lot of looks this month so here's a couple of photos of what I wore throughout our weekend getaway at Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa in Sabang, Palawan (check out my review here) about two weeks ago.

Day 1
Gone are the days when flying was deemed such a glamorous experience. Now we live in a world where you just want to wear the most comfortable of outfits to face all the hassles and freakishly tight security checks at the airport. But I try to look at least half as decent as I would.

Here I wore seersucker shorts to somehow "elevate" such a casual getup. I paired it with a giveaway tee from work, a pair of espadrilles for that nautical look, a straw hat, and yellow sunnies for some punch of color.

Checking out the beach at Sabang. The waves were just too big for swimming, I thought.

I don't know what you call this game but I found it set up at the front lawn of the resort. I sucked at it anyway.

Me at the very airy gazebo overlooking the beach. Behind it is the resort's really huge pool.

Day 2
We headed out to see the now-on-everyone's-itinerary Underground River. It was actually my second time already; the first was a decade ago, long before it's been voted into the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

For the tour I was all about brown: brown swim shorts with green detailing and a brown tank with some yellow fabric lining the neckline and sleeve holes. Of course my yellow sunnies were perfect with them! And because we were riding a boat, I brought along a dry bag to keep our electronics and other stuff safe.

Limestone rock formations welcome visitors to the Underground River. The beach is also nice but swimming can be a hassle because there are lots of boats as this basically serves as the loading and unloading area.

That's the mouth of the cave behind me. The subterranean river reportedly runs 8.2km inside (check out photos here).

I could just lounge here all day if it weren't for the tourist traffic around.

Because the sea was being a bitch (the waves were really huge), we took refuge with the resort's humongous pool. It was just nice to relax, catch up on my magazine reading, and work up my tan.

Great view, eh? That mountain sure does create a stunning vista.

The sun was slowly setting and I still had to catch more of it.

That evening when we explored other places to eat outside the resort, I wore checked swim shorts thinking I would go for another swim before retiring to bed. That didn't happen, though.

There's no denying it: I really am getting fat.

Day 3
Time to leave (reluctantly). For another uncomfortable flight experience, I simply wore cargo capri pants and flip-flops. They're actually full length pants with detachable parts. Now to brighten things up, I picked a t-shirt with multi-colored stripes. And my yellow sunnies still fit perfectly in the picture, don't you agree?

And the reality of another Monday at work beckons.

Me and My Bibe.
Day 1: Giveaway t-shirt; seersucker shorts (Uniqlo); espadrilles (OTOP); straw hat (Zara); watch (Timex); yellow sunglasses (H&M)
Day 2: Tank top with yellow detailing (Surplus Shop at SM); brown swim shorts with green detailing (Speedo); flip-flops (SM Department Store); dry bag (Rudy Project); blue checkered swim shorts (Folded & Hung); purple tee with deep neckline (Topman).
Day 3: Cargo long/capri pants (Surplus Shop at SM); striped tee (Topman).


  1. Great pictures, sunglasses are cool :)

  2. Some look's very confortable,nice vacation,


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  4. Wow! Those landscapes are awesome! It's hard to believe they exist in real life :P

    I hope you had a great trip (looks like you did) ^^

    Love! xx

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