Friday, February 17, 2012

Underwater monsters

They're not really monsters. I mean, how could they be when they're man's adorable and furry best friend? But underwater, they look like savage beasts.


The other day I came across these wonderful photos by Los Angeles and Chicago-based photographer Seth Casteel. I thought the photos were pure genius. Shooting dogs with a high-speed camera as they dive into the pool and fetch balls can apparently create an illusion of sorts. The loose skin around the dog's mouth reacts fluidly with the water, baring lots of fangs.

Casteel maintains a website,, where samples of his work are on display. Prints are also available for purchase. The photographer specializes in lifestyle pet photography, in which he shoots dogs and cats alike at their most relaxed and natural state, resulting in spontaneous and priceless moments. How I'd love to fly him over and photograph our two cats! At the moment it's still wishful thinking, though.

The award-winning photographer has been featured on TV several times already and his works have been extensively published. He's worked with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Cesar Millan (a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer). He's also all for saving pets, working with animal shelters by photographing cats and dogs to help them find loving homes.

Here's a sampling of his now-viral "Underwater Dogs:"


I just love their expressions, especially the eyes. And not every dog is bearing its fangs; there are also a few who still remain their cute and cuddly selves underwater, like these two here:


You can also Like Casteel's LittleFriendsPhoto page on Facebook and enjoy a steady stream of cuteness from our furry little friends.
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  1. :O Thank you for this post! It's so scary and cute and funny in the same time :)


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