Earth Day irony

This morning I saw this photo on Facebook taken by Francis Xavier Pasion, a director at TV station ABS-CBN (according to his Facebook profile). I need not describe it anymore because the photo already speaks for itself.

natgeo earth run 2012_garbage

Disturbed by all the paper cups strewn all over the street? What's more disturbing, however, is that this photo was taken yesterday during an Earth Day run organized by NatGeo. Yes, Earth Day. How ironic.

I won't go preaching on caring for the environment and all that crap because I, too, am guilty of a lot of things. Now I'm just wondering who started this act of ditching his used paper cup in the gutter with such wanton disregard. And you know people; we normally take a lead from someone else. So before anyone knew it, there was already a pile of garbage there.

I honestly don't know how these runs go because I don't run, let alone pay just to run. Do organizers really have to provide water stations and disposable cups? Haven't they thought of letting runners bring their own containers that they can refill at these water stations instead? Could it be that the organizers thought that providing paper cups was more earth-friendly than plastic cups?

Now what has NatGeo have to say?


  1. You know, I find this so typical sometimes. In Lights Out, people will turn off their lights however and still watch TV??

    1. exactly.
      hey, missed you here. and you were pretty much silent on your blog as well for some time now.

  2. OMG those cups on the street is just crazy! :O

  3. FYI po those paper cups were made from recyclable materials. It's an SOP in fun runs to toss away cups around the water stations. The guy who posted the said picture probably is a newbie at fun runs. And the outrage from the masses is brougt by their ignorance in such activities too.
    Siyempre at the end of the run may mga maglilinis.

    I hear the said photo was posted on reddit. Not long after, the OP was bashed, probably because he looked like an idiot complaining, falling prey to his own ignorance.

    1. Thank you for enlightening me on this practice at fun runs. So does the organizer also make arrangements to clean up after, or is it left to the street sweepers? I hope it's the former.

    2. So this particular run is no different from any other run? I has under the impression that as an "Earth Day" run, there would have been undertones of environment conservation and what-have-you.

      Of course, after such events, there will be a clean up crew. But relying on others to clean up after us seems so wrong from an environmentalist standpoint. All that Hairymanchild succeeded in explaining is that "littering is OK if it's the norm, and if somebody's going to pick up after you."

    3. I think it's the claim that the paper cups were made from recyclable materials was his defense. However, only 'Recycle' was observed; no 'Reduce' and 'Reuse' applied.

  4. Wow!! Incredible!

    'Me visto solo' [Man] -


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