Sunday, May 6, 2012

[Lookbook 05.06.2012] Self-portrait practice


I went out today to have a haircut and to pick My Bibe up. I got to wear my new shorts from Regatta (that I love so much) and I thought of doing a lookbook post before heading out. Problem was, I had no one to take my photos. So I brought out the ancient tripod, mounted the camera, framed the shot, set the timer, and stood in front of the lens. Click! Then I checked the shot, set the timer again, posed again, checked the shot, and the cycle went on. Geez, I need a remote!

I was sweating through the whole process but I thought it would be a good practice for my lonesome trip this Friday. Yes, I'll be traveling alone again after almost a decade and who do I expect to take my pictures but myself? But I really need a remote.


The shorts I'm wearing are part of a collection of dusted pastel shorts from Regatta. I picked the blue one although they have it in pink, yellow and green as well. White, too (though I know white is not pastel). They fall just above the knee and have a tapered fit that I like.

I wore it with an old floral-printed tee that I thought goes well with the blue shorts. Now for some color, I put on these fabric boat shoes.


And just like that it's Monday again!
T-shirt (from Bangkok); shorts (Regatta); boat shoes (Topman); watch (Timex); sunnies (Aldo).


  1. I think the pics are quite good..we dont always have someone to take them.. :( and yes, your shorts are amazing!

  2. Pretty good self portrait! Nicely done! And I want your shoes!!! :-)

    1. thanks. but you can't have my shoes :)

  3. perfect <3


  4. I like your shoes!

    besos Chipless by Dave Aiman

  5. Really nice! In love with the t-shirt

    Following your blog since now


  6. God, yes... taking pics of yourself with the timer is really exhausting! I've been through that a lot too... and I still have nightmares about it! LOL

    But your pics still look professional, so no worries :)

    Love! xx


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