Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My chat with American Idol alum Jessica Sanchez

American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez is here in the Philippines for a Valentine's Day concert. As youth ambassador for Smart Communications, she's also been doing the rounds of meet-and-greet events, press conferences, and even a storytelling session with public school kids for Read to be Smart yesterday. She also dropped by our office this morning, and I got a chance to chat with her.

Jessica Sanchez answering questions at our office lobby.

Me: Hi, Jessica!

Jessica: Hi!

M: Am I talking to Jessica Sanchez right now or is it Bebe Chez?

J: (laughs) It's Jessica. I'm feeling kinda shy right now.

M: Is that so? Hey, can you ask Bebe Chez if she knows BB Gandanghari?

J: Who?

M: Oh, never mind. Anyway, it's your second time in the Philippines, post-AI at least.

J: I know. And I'm having so much fun here.

M: How do you find it here? I mean, the last time you were with the whole Idol touring cast, so the experience must be different now.

J: Well, I'm still overwhelmed by all the attention. Still getting used to it, I guess. Before, I wasn't sure if people were actually excited about me or if it's the other artists.

M: Oh common! The Philippines loves you, are you kidding me?!

J: Thank you.

M: Did you know that Filipinos were actually voting for you even if we weren't allowed to vote?

J: What? How is that possible?

M: Magic Jack. Ask your mom about it. I'm sure she knows.

J: Hmn... I'm intrigued.

M: Do you still see Phillip Phillips?

J: No. I haven't seen him since the tour.

M: Do you resent him?

J: What? No! Of course not!

M: There was this moment during the finale when you wanted Phillip to kiss you.

J: What?

M: (shows her photo) Here, look. (In Ate Guy tone) I-deny mo 'yan!


M: See? So what now?

J: (blushing) N-no, it wasn't that. Uh, I was just going to hug him, that's all.

M: Weh? Honestly?

J: Honestly, it's not what it looks.

M: Peksman?

J: Wha--

M: Never mind. Let's move on. Wait, I still can't move on. Do you find Phillip handsome?

J: (blushing, looking embarrassed) Well... y-y-yeah, I guess so.

M: Don't guess! Just say it! Why are stu-stu-stuttering?

J: (laughs) Alright, alright! Yes, he's handsome (smiles).

M: Who's handsome?

J: Phillip.

M: Complete sentence, please. Who's handsome?

J: Phillip Phillips is handsome. There, I said it (smiling, but looking embarrassed). Satisfied?

M: Very satisfied. I've just recorded it and I'll upload it on YouTube later. I'm gonna tag DeAndre.

J: What? Oh please don't.

M: Nah, I'm just messin' with you. So how's DeAndre?

rsz_me and jess1
Me waiting for Jessica to stand up so we can already have lunch.

J: (blushes, giggles) We're good.

M: Is his name really DeAndre or just Andre? I'm thinking he just added the 'The' to 'Andre' then changed it up later to 'De.' The-Andre. De-Andre.

J: (laughing hard) It's DeAndre.

M: Okay. What do you like in him?

J: Well, he's cute. He's got a really good voice. He's a gentleman and he just makes me feel loved.

M: (just looks at Jessica, almost not blinking)

J: W-What? (smiling)

M: I was just thinking how privacy is never a problem with you two.

J: Why is that?

M: I mean, you two could just make out anytime, anywhere because both your faces are gonna be completely covered by DeAndre's hair.

J: (laughs) That's silly! But wait, I never thought about that.

M: I imagine him being, like, I wanna kiss you right now. Quick, let's hide! And then you're already both covered.

J: (laughing hard) You're so weird.

M: Is he here with you in Manila?

J: Unfortunately, no.

M: Or are you hiding him in your hotel room? I'm gonna report him to the Immigration.

J: He's not here. (pauses) Nor there in my hotel room.

M: Why Colton? Why is he your guest performer at your concert and not DeAndre?

J: I don't know. Maybe the organizers can tell you.

M: When's your album coming out?

J: It's gonna be out real soon.

M: Soon. Soon. I'm tired of hearing soon. Why is it taking so long?

J: Well, the producers and I didn't want to rush it just for the sake of getting a record out.

M: 'Cause I'm starting to wonder if you just can't hit the notes right in the studio.

J: No! Of course I can. (straightens up, smug look) At least Bebe Chez can.

M: Fine. It better be good.

J: It will be.

M: Let's talk about your upcoming stint on Glee.

J: (lightens up) Yeah, I--

M: Okay, forget Glee. Tutal, I don't watch it anymore. Let's talk about... I don't know... your figure? Are you on a diet?

J: No. I actually eat a lot.

M: I don't believe you.

J: Seriously! I do!

M: You order extra rice?

J: Two extra rice!

M: Shut up!

J: I even go three sometimes.

M: Shut up! Show me!

J: Alright, let's go. I'm starving.

M: Well, you always look like you're starving. Let's go to JollyJeep.

J: Where's that?

M: 'Wag na maraming satsat. Just come with me.

Jessica Sanchez performs in her first solo concert on Feb. 14, 2013 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Fellow AI alum Colton Dixon is a special guest performer.

For tickets, go to ticketnet.com.ph

Special thanks to Jas Garcia. For what? Basta.


  1. I don't know who Jessica is but you sense of humor is just uber!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. great post & great interview !! xx


  3. wowww cool!! what a great opportunity ;)


  4. Tht's so great and it's à very interting interviex. Very nice post.

  5. wow your blog has quite changed! I love it still hehe :) interesting make over!
    thx so much for your comments :))


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