Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 11.28.2013] When Kwittie Boy first came into our lives

Kwittie Boy is my and My Bibe's first pet as a couple. We adopted him on Nov. 19, 2006 and this was the very first picture we took of this adorable furball as he peeked out of the old laundry basket that housed him as he made the trip from ParaƱaque to Makati:
01 11192006902
Peek-a-boo! Kwittie Boy's first glimpse into his new home.

While My Bibe had lots of different pets before, I've never had one for myself (although we once had two family dogs named Oliver and Monay). So when she brought the idea of Jecco, a friend of ours, who's adopting his cat out, I didn't know what to do. Not used to having pets, I was already thinking what if he turns the house upside down along with other ridiculous thoughts.

Well, it really didn't take much convincing on my part and I ended up meeting Jecco at our office one Sunday morning. Manny Pacquiao had a fight then against Oscar Larios. There he was in the car's front seat, inside a broken laundry basket with crisscrossing strings and a small blanket atop it to prevent him from getting out. He was so quiet and remained so as we drove to our apartment.

When we arrived, we immediately set him free and My Bibe, who's the cat lady of the house, cradled him on her lap as we chatted away over coffee. The cat never made a sound.

02 11192006905
Kwittie Boy instantly warmed up the cat lady of the house.

Kwittie Boy was first described to us as a "long-nosed Persian" with an all-white coat. Well, cats like him are usually referred to as Persians here although technically they're not. But whatever, he's a cutie. We don't know his exact birth date but Jecco says it's around August 2005, so Kwittie Boy was a year and 3 months old when we adopted him. He was also already neutered.

Interestingly, Kwittie Boy has quite a prolific background as he was given to Jecco's family by the boyfriend of multi-awarded filmmaker Joel Lamangan. Ironically, he never had a proper name and they just called him "Shi-Shi" to mimic the sound humans usually make when calling cats. Jecco suggested we name him after whoever wins between Pacquiao and Larios. But because My Bibe is "Kwittiegirl," we christened the cat "Kwittie Boy."

03 11192006912
Kwittie Boy and his perennial worried look that's just so adorable. Can I hear an "Aww...?"

When he was finally let down, Kwittie Boy made no delay in surveying his new surroundings--but in a really quiet fashion. I actually never heard him meow until the next day that I had to ask him if he was actually a cat. And of course I didn't get any answer from him. But his quiet demeanor proved to be one of the traits we love most about him up to this day.

04 11192006653
Kwittie Boy and Kwittiegirl sharing a tender moment together.
05 11192006645
Well look at that tail! It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
06 11192006646
He already found where we kept the food early on.
07 11192006665
Of course everyone was charmed by him, taking snapshots of him and all.
08 11192006663
He was also used to being on a leash. Try that with other cats.
09 11192006910
Maybe we could take him for a walk outside, I thought. But no.
10 11192006906
Alien cat from Day 1. Love you, Kwittie Boy.

It's been seven years since Kwittie Boy first came into our lives. Now we have Foreman, and Thordis, and a little boy we hope someone will adopt. Hehe. Meow.


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