Wednesday, March 5, 2014

(Updated) Take it to the beach with swim shorts


Cold spell now over and temperatures are slowly rising. The advent of summer is at hand! And whenever I hear summer, there's only one thing that comes to my mind--the beach.

I still have no concrete plans whatsoever but I took to Facebook to check what some of our local brands have in store for the season, particularly where swim shorts are concerned. Unfortunately, not all of them have photos of their collections but I found bits and pieces from their posts on the social media site. So far I'm liking what I see and I'm sharing these with you (although now I have to beat everyone to their stores).

The flagship brand of Golden ABC posted a photo of a bunch of swim shorts, all of which come in different striped designs. There's no photo of them worn by anyone but by the looks of it, the length sits just fine with me. I want my swim shorts short, so I'm glad these ones aren't droopy.


Folded & Hung (Updated)
As plain at this piece looks, I was instantly sold on the fit and how short it was. Besides, it allows the wearer to play with tank tops and tees that are bolder and more graphic in design. This one I definitely would want to try.


(Update March 14, 2014)
Finally today Folded & Hung released their swimwear lookbook for Summer 2014. They weren't the short shorts I was expecting and instead only found a few. The collection is dominated by board shorts but at least they fall just above the knee and fit snugly around the hips and thigh, so they're still good. Apart from the perfunctory striped designs, they also have some bold colors with Aztec/tribal-inspired accent prints and a couple that look more like regular walking shorts than boards shorts. Anyway, here's a sampling:

Still not the short shorts I was expecting.

At least the board shorts fall just above the knee and by the looks of it, fit snugly. I like the color and accent prints on this one.


Looks more like walking shorts than board shorts. But it says they're board shorts.

Another Golden ABC brand, Oxygen is going the same way as Penshoppe's with stripes. They don't look as short as the ones from Penshoppe but I want to give them a try.



No, I don't think these are swim shorts but I like it nonetheless. Besides, what's to stop me from plunging into the open sea in them?


I'm going a bit astray from my swim shorts post but I just find this tee and tank top quite cute. I thought they'd be perfect with some of the swim shorts here.



From one of my favorite brands, the length and fit of this is just perfect. Not too short but not droopy either; nice fit but still relaxed.


They still haven't posted their full collection yet but from the looks of their campaign videos, there are some nice swim shorts to expect from their stores anytime soon. [Update 05.14.2014: I got two Regatta swim shorts and I'm loving both fit and length.]

I also tried looking at Bench and Human but I haven't found any photos of swim shorts. Hopefully they'll come out with some soon. I'll just have to update this post by then.

All photos from the brands's respective Facebook pages.


  1. Great pieces...looooove the tshirt with the graphics on..would buy it in a minute!


  2. who's that model in folded n' hung?
    someone knows?? pls

  3. who's that model in folded n' hung?
    someone knows?? pls


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