Monday, August 25, 2014

Wearing colored pants: Bright and rusty

I do admit that wearing darker-hued trousers leaves a man with much less trouble in picking a shirt and jacket to go with it. Now colored pants--much so bright ones--can be a little challenging at times. But then it's nice to wear some color, even on occasion.

After showing you some ideas on how to wear green pants, let's see about bright, rust orange jeans this time.

They're jeans, so t-shirts are a no-brainer, even polo shirts. But it's not about them, right? It's more about what colors go well with orange. For starters, white, blue and brown go nicely with orange. But putting on more colors, like this graphic print shirt here, can also work. While there's blue, yellow, green, and red on this tee, there's also some orange on it, which conveniently ties everything else to the jeans's color. For footwear, it's brown high-cut sneakers here because like I said, it goes well with orange.


Blue tee with orange jeans. Somehow it gives you the license to wear shoes that have some red on them.


Stating the obvious, brown works, even when there's some other color like yellow on your polo. Come to think of it, even on its own, pastel yellow will also go well with orange.


Surprise, but green also works! Well, maybe not all shades of green but this lighter hue here does. That this color combo is the very same color scheme used by a local airline (that has since been rebranded) only reinforces my point that it works. But don't go anymore wild with the shoes, though. Keep them toned down.


Though I never tried dressing these jeans up, I went preppy with them once. Pink goes well with red and red apparently goes well with orange. So I ended up with a pink polo shirt and a red vest with my orange jeans. It's all about anchoring colors on each other, I guess.


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