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01 armani collezioni

Yeah, I know, top model Sean O'Pry looks dashing in that suit that he so comfortably dressed down a bit by going tie-less. It's an Armani suit, no wonder.

But just how can I possibly afford $2,195, you might ask. Well, for many of us who don't belong to the 1%, we can save up but unfortunately that will take time. But how about if we can slash a couple hundred dollars off that, say, 15%? How about 25%, or even 60%? That would definitely lessen the time it will take for us to save up on the right amount, don't you think?

And yes, that is very possible through Nordstrom coupons. Every time I go flipping through GQ's April and September issues--fashion magazine-dom's biggest--I always go slowly over those Nordstrom ads with wishful thinking that I could own such exquisite pieces.

Nordstrom, to the uninitiated, is a leading fashion specialty retailer that has been offering compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children since 1901. Because it has lasted that long, I think it's safe to say that they do have an impressive track record in terms of selection. By all means, they're still in business for more than a century already! This handsome blue Boss Hugo Boss three-piece suit below is but mere proof to the fashion retailer's impeccable taste. Dang, I just love that color! Moreover, how can you argue with this classic fit plaid suit from David Donahue?

02 boss hugo boss
03 david donahue

Because Nordstrom has quite the reputation, I reckon a lot of people like me usually shy away from it, believing that prices are too restrictive. However, applying a Nordstrom promo code to an online purchase, for instance, can spell wonders, maybe even demystify that preconceived notion that we can never afford anything from them. A Nordstrom coupon code can easily shave off a lot of dollars off our problem.

04 john varvatos

And hey, even the "can-afford" lot can also benefit from a Nordstrom discount code or two. I think it's pretty safe to assume that everybody loves a good bargain. Those dollars saved only allows them to get one or a few items more. I mean, if I were rich I would definitely snap up a sale or at any chance I can have a good buy. That sleek John Varvatos three-piece above? Maybe I could easily afford to get this Hart Schaffner Marx here, too. That will most certainly qualify as a sweet deal, in my opinion.

05 hart schaffner marx

Now getting more for less doesn't exclusively mean discounts. Sometimes it comes in the form of freebies or even free shipping. For instance, how does a free gift comprising different travel-size favorites for at least a $165 Viktor & Rolf purchase sound to you? How about free hand cream samples for a $55 L'Occitane purchase? A Nordstrom coupon can get you that, maybe even with free shipping.

06 ted baker

The retail business can be a challenging one, so apart from stiff competition, retailers also have to deal with those lean times when most people are just not into buying stuff. Hence they try to push sales in many a creative way to entice us all into dropping a few dollars at their stores, which most often than not involves price drops in whatever form. In hindsight, shoppers benefit--all while keeping retailers in business and in turn, the economy alive. In the end, everyone's a winner!

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