Halloween hangover | When Voldemort met Maleficent

Halloween is one of my most favorite occasions and I'm personally glad that it's becoming more and more widespread each year in this part of the world. All the costumes and trick or treating were not really existent when I was a kid, so I guess I'm more than making up for that deprivation right now as an adult. 

Since 2008 I've been dressing up for Halloween at the office. No, not for any party, just the office. I've had my costuming debut as The Joker, then put on much easier stuff like a devil-turned-angel and The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. Later My Bibe would also join me in playing dress-up and so far we've done Goldilocks and the Three Bears (with our cats) and Alice in Wonderland, where she was Alice and I the White Rabbit.

This year, we sort of leveled up. She was Maleficent while I was The Dark Lord. I did Voldemort to coincide with our Hogwarts-themed workplace decor. Anyway, here's us.

Voldemort was instantly smitten the moment he laid eyes on this beautiful and regal magical being. He wasted no time getting to know her and of course, woo her.

Maleficent seemed to have a soft spot for The Dark Lord as well and the two got it on together quickly.

They ventured into the land of non-magical beings, or Muggles, as they're called in Voldemort's world.

Voldemort tried to impress Maleficent with his magic...

...but Maleficent seemed unimpressed.

Undaunted, he tried yet again...

...but Maleficent was losing her patience. She just was not impressed.

Voldemort still kept on going...

...and Maleficent just lost it. "Enough!" she commanded.

Voldemort was wise to finally listen to Maleficent, else he suffer this fairy's wrath.

Oh well, these two just make a good couple, don't they?

Happy Halloween!


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