Saturday, January 31, 2015

FRAGRANCE | L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme

L'Instant de Guerlain 01

For weeks now I've been using L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme, my first taste of the Guerlain brand. The legendary French perfume house, acquired by LVMH in 1994, has a considerable history that dates back to 1828. As such, it has produced a long list of fragrances, a lot of which have become classic bestsellers. So it's quite a shame I've only tried them now.

L'Instant has a pretty straightforward packaging, its bottle on the thinner and less weightier side (unlike my perennial favorite Terre d'Hermes, which comes in a fairly thick bottle).

A pleasant citrusy scent with a hint of floral greets you right after you spray it on. Then it settles to reveal its warmer notes dominated by cocoa and a soft woody scent that I later read was sandalwood. It's a masculine scent, no doubt; never overbearing yet confident. Since I live in the tropics, I can safely say it's very wearable in warm weather.

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I find L'Instant's projection quite weak, however, or average at most. I mean, sure everyone can smell it right after a spritz but once it dries down it's barely noticeable. I also don't feel it lasts very long unless maybe you stick your nose to where I sprayed it. But it's still not that bad as my experience with Dolce & Gabbana's The One.

L'Instant de Guerlain 02

Save for my reservations on projection and longevity, I still believe L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme is a good fragrance. But I'd like to try a different one first for my next Guerlain.

Available in 75ml bottles.


  1. Longevity is always important when it comes to a fragrance. What a shame! But it does sound like a great scent and I love the simple packaging.

  2. I agree...a fragance should last..I´ve experienced quite my handful of dissapointments with scents that while they smell great won´t last past de hour/two hour mark. My grandmother recently gifted me with a Guerlain fragance L´Eau Boisée which has a very citric note, I like it very much for a warmer climate it works well having that freshness to it. On the longevity note in my case is stays for quite some time, so I don´t know maybe you can try it. Now one that has worked wonders for me and I stand totally by it, Armani Diamonds for men...LOVE IT!


  3. Idk I get an easy 11 hours or so from one spray on the wrists. Hit your clothes and you'll definitely get that longevity out of it. This isn't a projection monster, I agree with "average", so it's perfect for an office or an intimate situation. Actually...definitely use it for intimate situations. There's a sensual edge to it after it dries down a bit. Not too much to wear in an office or in public but when someone comes in close and smells this it's always the start of a very good time.


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