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FASHION | Valentine's gift ideas for guys

Oh no, you still haven't picked up a Valentine's gift for the man in your life? Fret not, as you've got a lot of choices from online menswear shopping site East Dane sans the hassle. They offer free worldwide express delivery for purchases worth $100 and above, by the way, and your gift will arrive in no time.

Here are a few ideas to help you:

A watch
Get him a new watch; he'll love it. I mean, I would if I'll get one.

valentine's gifts1
Left to right:
Standard Issue Field Watch from Weiss Watch Co. Hand-built from Swiss parts and finished in Los Angeles, he'll surely love this timepiece.
Miansai M24 Blue Dial Watch. Just look at that sleek watchface!
How about introducing some gold into your man's life? Try this Winston Monte Carlo Watch from KOMONO.
If he's the sporty type, get him this G-Shock Rangeman Watch.

A nice leather wallet
Let this be a subtle hint that he should be picking the tab on your date.

valentine's gifts2
Clockwise from top-left:
Veer away from black and introduce some leather in a different color, like blue. Kalifornia Bifold Wallet from KENZO.
A two-tone wallet provides a fresh perspective, don't you think? Dipped Leather Billfold from Jack Spade.
Il Bussetto Bifold Card Case. For a refined alternative to basic card cases.
How about sleek brown leather? Try this Rag & Bone Hampshire Wallet.

A bag
You think a wallet's too small a gift? Well, then get him a nice bag by all means!

valentine's gifts3
Left to right:
Leather Briefcase by Marc Jacobs. Expect to be treated like a queen after this.
How about leather in luscious chocolate brown? Devin Tote by Ben Minkoff.
So he's not the briefcase-toting type? Then get him a really handsome backpack, like this Kastrup Backpack from WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie.

Man jewelry
Introduce him to some man bling, be it a bracelet or some cufflinks. They're small gifts but they sure have impact.

valentine's gifts4
Clockwise from top-left:
Miansai Modern Anchor Wrap Bracelet. It's understated enough so he'll warm up to it easily in case he's not used to wearing man jewelry.
If he's the type who wears jewelry, get him this undoubtedly masculine I.D. Tag with Hinge Cuff from Giles & Brother.
Leather Braided Pin from Warhorse Workshop. I know, I too didn't know what to make of it at first. He can pin it on his suit's lapel or above his jacket's front pocket.
Cufflinks, arguably the most basic of men's accessories other than a watch. Mini Car Enamel Cufflinks by Paul Smith.

A tie
Every man needs a tie. Or a bow tie maybe.

valentine's gifts5
Clockwise from top-left:
Acquaint him with a different kind of tie with this Striped Knitted Tie from Paul Smith.
Band of Outsiders Psychedelic Squiggles Tie. If he still prefers the traditional kind of tie.
Oh, guys need pocket squares too. But how about something round instead, like this Alexander Olch Medium Plaid Wool Pocket Round.
Thinking of a bow tie? Try a different take on it. Alexander Olch Oscar Exposed Thread Bow Tie.

A belt
Yes, he probably could use a new one. But pick a good one.

valentine's gifts6
Left to right:
Anderson's Woven Leather Belt. Handsome, don't you think?
How about a belt with an underbelt? Billykirk Mechanics Belt.
Cause and Effect Pounded Leather Belt with Black Buckle. Gotta love the distressed look; perfectly executed.
Woven Rope Belt from Miansai. For your fashionable better half.

Oh, so you're guy? But of course you can also get yourself your own V-Day gift! Why not? But seriously, you can get your lady something over at


  1. These are really great ideas for Valentine's! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. For a man, Wallets are not just for carrying around some cash and cards. It’s a snapshot of a man’s live. Along with cash and cards, a man carries a picture of his loved one and children. For any active men, the wallet is something that is necessary.
    That’s why a Wallet is a Great Valentine Gift for Men!


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