Sunday, March 1, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 28Feb2015: The hatted jogger

Waaah! There's a Transformer right behind me! Run!

Well, I didn't know at face if it was an Autobot or a Decepticon. I would love to meet Megatron, though.

Anyway, hats off to the Meralco guys for this. They always seem to come up with all the fun stuff, like how they turn their office grounds into a dazzling display of lights and everything Christmas that is the annual Meralco Liwanag Park. So we were there again last Saturday for the last hour of Make and Break: A Festival of Creators.


A favorite piece of clothing of late, joggers were in order for that comfy and super-relaxed feel. For my top I opted for some color. Nothing in distracting prints or anything like that; just a plain tee in a solid bright hue.

With a variety of footwear options allowed for by this getup, I ended up with gray sneakers, if only to widen my outfit's color spectrum. The three gray bracelets I wore tied in neatly into this, too.

Because I was expecting it to be a humid afternoon (yes, summer is creeping in), I knew very well how my hair would end up flat and an ugly mess, especially since I really need a haircut. So what I did was hide all that hair (however few they are) under a hat, the second of two Albertus Swanepoel designs I got from Bench several weeks ago.

Hiding a bad hair day under a hat.

Gray bracelets tie in neatly into the gray sneakers.

Meanwhile, I found half a pair of some really nice flip-flops...


Too bad it wasn't my size...


Haha! It was from one of the booths at the event (GDG Philippines, I think). The flip-flop was part of an oversize tumbang preso game. Yup, I fit right in with the kids there.

Tumbang preso pa more!

Told you I fit right in with the kids.

Monday, here we go again...
V-neck tee (Bench); joggers (H&M); sneakers and bracelets (Call It Spring); hat (Albertus Swanepoel for Bench).

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  1. Really cool transformer, I know they have something like that in Japan...I think is a gundam or something, I saw it once on a TV program.



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