Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 14Apr2015: Silver against the sun


I don't understand what kept me from wearing them but yesterday my pair of silver brogues finally hit the road close to four months after getting them. At this point the sun is shining blindingly bright, so I thought I'm going to give him a dose of his own medicine by reflecting everything back.


These brogues are technically sneakers, and Tuesday wasn't really a day to go all casual. So what I did was put on a suit (a blue one, with tiny white dots), and true enough, my colleagues placed my look as "formal" -- that is until they saw the shoes. But still the suit did the trick, much like that one time I wore a shirt and tie with sneakers.

I couldn't get myself to wear a business shirt under that jacket, though, because it's summer here and the heat is just so unbearable. I ended up with a plain colored tee. And because it's just a t-shirt, I always kept my jacket on while I was at the office.

In terms of accessories, I kept it at a minimum: just a watch and an understated necklace. There's already a lot going on in this outfit so I had to pull back.


As for the sun, he continued to shine mightily bright the whole day. My shoes were no match but at least I tried.
Colored V-neck tee (Bench); suit (H&M); brogue-style sneakers (Swear); necklace (Aldo).


  1. Such great shoes! I´ve always wanted to try silver shoes but for some reason I´m still holding that out...Maybe they are a bit too flashy for me...but well we all need a little flashy in our lives don´t we?



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