Friday, May 29, 2015

FASHION | Old-school cool

I've always found a lot to love about vintage fashion. It's hard to put a finger on it but looking at all those old photos, it was all cool. And dignified, might I add. Very gentlemanly.

This summer, channel that old-school cool with these vintage-inspired looks from East Dane and saunter your way through the season with dignified swag. Oh yeah!

The might of white
White -- okay, even cream -- is a color we guys shouldn't be afraid of. I think that because no one wants such immaculately clean clothes soiled, we become a bit more careful, behave better perhaps, like a true gentleman.

east dane vintage summer 01
Jacket by Fanmail.
Theory T-shirt.
AMI jeans.
Bracelet and cuffs from Caputo & Co.
Belt by Anderson's.

It's a print that's synonymous with spring/summer but with which a great portion of the male population is still hesitant to put on like it's something immensely emasculating. Just go for it. Roll up the sleeves for that vintage vibe and pair it with slim-cut trousers (hems also rolled up) and loafers.

east dane vintage summer 02
Gitman Vintage floral shirt.
Cole Haan loafers.

Print and denim
Alright, so florals still scare the bejeezus out of you. Your next best bet are colorful prints, which go just as fine with casual trousers as they do with denim. Yes, load up on denim.

east dane vintage summer 03
Jacket and jeans by A.P.C.
Mackintosh raincoat.
Sunglasses from Oliver Peoples West.

White with a touch of color
I'm back to white but this time let's throw in some color into the mix. Should you decide to break the white monochrome in your outfit, a piece -- like a jacket -- in solid color is your safest and possibly best bet. But of course you can always try on prints, too.

east dane vintage summer 04
CWST T-shirt.

Get your look together now on East Dane and enjoy the rest of the season!

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