Monday, May 4, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 01May2015: Off to the islands


Because I brought almost nothing but tank tops for our little summer trip, what else would I wear to an island-hopping adventure but a tank top! I think I scored enough additional cash as a pedicab driver to afford such a trip.

At the Juag fish sanctuary where we made a quick stop. The Bulusan Volcano in the distance added to the already magnificent background.

And I finally made it to a proper beach.

Island-hopping meant some beach time and of course, swimming. As always I go for swim shorts that rest above the knee. The shorter the better for me. I know Speedo is synonymous with athletic swimwear but they also produce some pretty good shorts for non-athletes and mere beach bums like me.

And since the shorts were in a fairly loud color, I kept the tank plain and simple. This was the exact opposite of my last outfit where it was a bright-colored tank top paired with neutral-colored shorts. I also had to wear a hat because of my unpleasantly thin, limp, and unruly hair.

Beach = Happiness.

Even if it wasn't really sunny, I was still happy.

Sheer beauty, tarnished only by my mere presence.

Then I went all silly.

How about you, have you made your trip (or trips) to the beach yet this season?
Tank top (Bench Body); swim shorts (Speedo); straw hat (Zara); flip-flops (Sanuk).

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