Sunday, June 14, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 12Jun2015: Hacienda feels


Just got back from our little trip down south in Laguna. These shots are from our first day there. It's one thing to get myself to go on a long drive and another to make a little effort to not be in a lazy t-shirt and shorts combo on such a trip. After all it was a special day -- Philippine Independence Day, people!

I wore a linen shirt, untucked, and paired it with bermudas. I personally am not a big fan of linen because of how rumpled it easily gets but surprisingly I liked the shirt. It was perfect for the hot and humid weather that day. Felt like a don, too, especially with the hat. Reminded me of my haciendero look in Silay City back in 2012 and my Señor Santibañez moment at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in 2013. Such fun!

Feeling like a don.

Emote pa more!

Do I fit right in or do I fit right in? This was inside the museum at the Sulyap Gallery Cafe.

Wavy hair and all. A hat to the rescue!

Photos taken at the charming Sulyap Gallery Cafe in San Pablo City, Laguna.
Linen long-sleeve shirt and shorts (both Uniqlo); loafers (Artwork); hat (Albertus Swanepoel for Bench); sunglasses (Cotton On).


  1. love the pink shirt!great short!

  2. looks very comfortable...

    love the old wooden door. and the oil lamps...reminds me when i visit my grandparents house.

  3. you look so classy!
    kisses from Italy


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