Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 14Jun2015: Sweaty patootie


It was time to hit the road again and head back home. Short vacation's over. That said, the pensive mood and blank stare are understandable, especially when one has to leave this peace and quiet offered by places like Sitio de Amor for the noise and chaos of Metro Manila.

Veering away from jeans and shorts -- and especially after my misplaced swimming attire while far from any water -- I wore these trusty old cropped pants. I experimented a bit with color, too, and ended up with this dark coral tee. Surprisingly it works just fine with the blue and gray checks of the pants.

For driving-suitable footwear, I wore the same camel-colored loafers I've been wearing throughout this whole trip. And for a few more pops of color, I finished off the look with some beads. I must love these beads; I wear them everywhere.


Couldn't stop sweating, though. The air, while fresh, was just way too humid. And yeah, I know, I look like some weird meerkat in that last photo.
T-shirt (Topman); cropped pants (Uniqlo); loafers (Artwork); bracelets (H&M).

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