Saturday, August 29, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 28Aug2015: Joggers with a fly

Our little girl always wants to be part of the scene.

With t-shirts being de facto Friday wear at the office, the sight of someone in a buttoned shirt comes as a surprise to many. In my case colleagues were wondering why I was, in their own words, "so formal," at least until they noticed that I was wearing joggers and sneakers.

On a personal note I've always wanted to wear these particular joggers on a regular workday. I think it's because these joggers aren't held together at the waist by just some garter and a string; it has a zipper and two pairs of hooks and eyes. I wanted to believe it could pass off as regular office pants, paired with a buttoned shirt like what I'm wearing here, accessorized with a bow or a necktie perhaps -- until I realize sneakers are the only viable option for shoes here.

So there, better wear the look on a Friday instead.

Kwittie Boy seems to be judging my look here.

Why so grumpy?

Done with judging me, Kwittie Boy? Unimpressed?

Me thinking, "Can't I really wear this on a regular workday? Even a Thursday?"

There's a cockroach!

Despite being sick, still gotta look good.

Now I'm off to work.

I swore off pleats a long time ago. I don't know why I'm liking them here. Anyway, have a great weekend!
Shirt (Celio); joggers (H&M); sneakers (Lacoste).


  1. I love how you stayed dressed up yet dressed this look down. How great for a Friday look!

  2. Really cool look...I would love to try joggers one day you sure are making it work!


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