Saturday, August 1, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 31Jul2015: Slytherin, loud and proud


I've been Lord Voldemort for Halloween, been sorted on Pottermore in Slytherin, and was even born in the Year of the Snake (huh?). Without question I am a Slytherin.

bb2015-08-01 14.12.30

Wearing the colors of my house.

Anyway, it was Harry Potter's birthday yesterday, July 31st. Oh yeah, "The Boy Who Lived" who should have been in Slytherin but who stupidly and cluelessly chose to be in Gryffindor. He would have been great in Slytherin, according to The Sorting Hat. But anyhow, happy birthday, Harry! Now let's celebrate all things Slytherin.

J.K. Rowling assigned green and silver as our house colors (a good combination actually), and I'm wearing them here. The hoodie and jeans combo fits Friday perfectly. I lament, though, that in most cases white always stands in for silver, this hoodie being a prime example. So I put on some real silver, courtesy of my sneakers, to make our founder proud.

The wand was handcrafted by Muggles from Bocaue, Bulacan, by the way.

Sitting by our Tree for All Seasons, with Harry's face plastered all over it.

Loud and proud.

Gangsta vibe ala wizard.

Happiness comes in green and silver.

But wait, because underneath that hoodie is...


Enchanted Kingdom's Eldar the Wizard! Or could it actually be Dumbledore?

T-shirt (Souvenir item from Enchanted Kingdom); hoodie (The T-shirt Project); jeans (Topman); belt (Polo Ralph Lauren); sneakers (Swear London).

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