Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LOOKBOOK | The camo on camo dare

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 01

Such a douchebag pose, right? It sure has the makings of a douche: bathroom mirror selfie, duck face, and wait, matching camo sweatshirt and joggers!

We first found the joggers at an H&M store and thought it was cute. But lo and behold, it had a sweatshirt to match! Kwittiegirl asked me if I can wear both, and I said yes. But will I, she asked again. Without much hesitation I accepted the dare and bought both pieces.

Yet I wasn't that confident about wearing them just about anywhere. And much like how I waited for the right time to wear my Christmas sweater last December, my new twin camo pieces also had to wait. But not for long, as my camo on camo look soon debuted in Macau. I thought the best time to wear them was while on vacation.

So I sported the look as we checked out of our hotel in Hong Kong and all throughout the day (and night) as we made the ferry trip to Macau, checked in at our hotel, watched House of Dancing Water, and walked around City of Dreams Macau late into the night. My original plan was to wear them with some white kicks but I didn't have any, so I settled for these black low-cut sneakers instead.

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 02
Wacha lookin' at, huh?

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 03
Douchebag moves: photo by the bath tub.

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 04
Rapper with no bling?

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 05

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 06
This is me sleepwalking.

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 07
Feeling really comfy, aren't we?

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 08
Yup, I smile. Awkwardly.

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 09
Getting sucked into Christmas oblivion.

Surprisingly I felt comfortable in them. There was never a moment where I hesitated or felt conscious about what people might think. Rather than a straight up douche, I'd like to think I'm rocking a Kanye West vibe here or something. Except that I got no bling. But at least I have my Kim.

halfwhiteboy camo on camo 10

I think I can do this look again after all.
Camo sweatshirt and joggers (H&M); socks (Uniqlo); sneakers (Lacoste).

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