Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FRAGRANCE | Burberry London: Probably my 2nd most favorite fragrance

burberry london 01

Although I've long declared Terre d'Hermes as my all-time favorite fragrance, I have this propensity to try other scents just because I want to. At any given time I have a couple of bottles in rotation but which I try very hard to keep to a minimum. And I do have several unopened ones, too, that I'm trying to ignore until at least a bottle's all used up. Throughout my fragrance-philandering life I've come across scents like L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme and Individuel by Mont Blanc that I liked but then there are fragrances that, other than Terre d'Hermes of course, I really love and keep coming back to.

One of them is Burberry London.

burberry london 02

London comes in a simple dark bottle wrapped in a sleeve from that familiar Burberry fabric. The fabric effectively mitigates any risk of the bottle slipping from your grip. No labels whatsoever. I think the signature fabric sleeve says it all.

The bottle's dark color likewise represents the fragrance perfectly. It's a warm scent--which is something I tend to prefer over other types--with a soft powdery finish. It's woody, earthy, very masculine, and I love the dominance of tobacco in the mix. Despite its supposedly heavy notes, quite surprisingly I don't find London too strong at all.

Though I wore it all throughout my last overseas trip to Hong Kong and Macau where it was pleasantly chilly at the time--which makes for a perfect winter fragrance--I use it all the time here in the Philippines where it's hot and humid all year. I guess wearing it in the tropics ain't so bad after all. I suggest cutting back on the spritzing, though, as the heat and humidity tend to magnify a fragrance's projection.

I find London's projection and sillage perfectly fine. I also don't have any issues with longevity although as with any other EDT or cologne I use, I do tend to take in a few additional spritzes throughout the day.

Overall, Burberry London is a very good fragrance for me. And yeah, it probably is my 2nd most favorite next to Terre d'Hermes.

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  1. Haven´t tried this one but I´ll definetely look it up. My go to fragance is Emporio Armani Diamonds, I just love it!



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