Tuesday, June 28, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Almost dandy

halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 01

Yeah, I held back a bit on this one. No tie since it's supposed to be another office-to-happy hour outfit, so I'm keeping it casual, or close to. Besides, I just sported a dandy outfit in a recent blog post, however unintentional it was.

My starting point for this getup is the shirt: a pink long-sleeved number with French cuffs from London clothing brand T.M. Lewin. The shirt looks a tad loose on me but that's because I lost a hell lot of weight since I bought it. Otherwise it should have fit me perfectly because T.M. Lewin shirts come not just in different sizes, but in a wide variety of collar and sleeve length measurements. You're sure to find the perfect fit for you here.

halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 02
halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 03
halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 04

I really wanted to try my olive green suit with this pink shirt but the pants are just too slim to conceal my biliary drainage bag around the thigh area. I found an alternative, however, in these gray windowpane cropped-length pants. Then it's camel brogues and brown belt to complete the look, with my Pebble Time Steel for accessory.

My next challenge was the jacket. I tried several ones before settling on this wine-colored blazer. It complements the pink shirt and works well with the gray pants. I also realized I had this pocket square with wine-colored elements (also from TM Lewin). Great, I thought.

Now I'm not very good with pocket squares and I practically know nothing about the different styles of folding them, so I simply stuffed it into my breast pocket. Very casual. Dandy, but not quite.

halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 05
halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 06
halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 07
halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 08

Now how does this outfit transition from office to some after-work fun at a bar? While the usual thing to do is to take off your jacket and roll up your sleeves, in this case I don't think you need to do anything at all. Just leave it as it is. Go ahead and take a few swigs. It already looks casual and fun to begin with.

halfwhiteboy dandy-ish outfit 09
Me to my squad (pretending I have one): "Where are you, guys?"

Now where's my beer? And my squad?
Shirt and pocket square (T.M. Lewin); pants (Uniqlo); blazer and shoes (Zara Man); belt (Hickok); watch (Pebble Time Steel).

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