Monday, June 20, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Fit for Friday with T.M. Lewin

halfwhiteboy tm lewin 01

So this was officially my first day back to work (not counting the days spent working at home) after hospital confinement. As luck would have it, I guess, my first day wasn't even at the office as I was attending a 2-day conference at a hotel. Consider it my temporary office anyway.

I didn't want to be all suited and stiff. I wanted something a bit more relaxed but which would still qualify as an outfit that's office-appropriate that could easily transition to happy hour at some pub while waiting out the rush hour traffic. A fit for Friday outfit, yes.

I started off with a business shirt from T.M. Lewin. I love that they don't simply make shirts in small, medium, and large but in a combination of various measurements for, say, collar and sleeve length. I've had several runs with other brands before where the shirt fits nicely around your body but the sleeves are either too long that slouch just above the cuff or where I'd turn blue if I insist on buttoning up the collar.

halfwhiteboy tm lewin 02
Fit for Friday indeed.

Blue works well with a lot of other shades although I consciously shied away from too much color. I mean, no one wants to be too much of a peacock if you intend to drop by a bar for a few drinks, right? 

Considering my current need for pants that are roomier around the thighs (because I have a biliary drainage bag strapped to one of my thighs), I ended up with this gray pinstripe number. The cuffs and cropped length further add to the ensemble's casual vibe, which of course call for a sockless look (I'm actually wearing socks, though.).

You could go with brown shoes here (either brogues or loafers) but I stuck to the blue and gray theme with bluish gray lace-ups in an ombre finish. The laces are brown, and to tie everything together, I wore a brown belt and threw over a brown lightweight blazer. And yeah, the bag. Still all casual, though.

halfwhiteboy tm lewin 03
Waiting for happy hour to start.

Once I left the "office," the jacket goes off. Happy hour, here we go!

halfwhiteboy tm lewin 04
halfwhiteboy tm lewin 05

So what would your office to pub outfit be? Sound off in the comments section.
Shirt (T.M. Lewin); pants (Uniqlo); blazer (Regatta); shoes (Call It Spring); bag (Coach).


  1. Sir, you look like a taller Gael Garcia Bernal.

    1. Haha! I don't see the similarity but I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you :)

  2. This was a great outfit choice! Love that it is both polished and laid back.


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