Friday, November 11, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Super cyan

halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 01

Who doesn't love Fridays? Aside from heralding the start of every weekend, don't we all just love that we can ditch the stiffness of formal corporate wear and go casual?

I know some fashion pundits lament the fact that casual has become too casual these days. Of course I'm just as guilty as everyone else, what with me sporting nothing but a t-shirt and jeans combo with sneakers on Fridays at work. But in this case I'm trying to keep it a little dressed up. Just a little.

halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 02
halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 03

I'm anchoring my outfit on my shoes here, which, I know, is not the usual route for anyone. I simply wanted to wear them, that's why. But bright-colored kicks can be a little tricky because they can easily clash with other elements of your outfit. That said, the colors should either complement or match each other. So what to do with cyan-colored shoes?

halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 04

I went for the matching option; hence, the plain light blue tee. But that's it because anything more, like maybe a matching belt, would be too much.

Then it's just black skinny jeans and in keeping with my promise to dress it up, a lightweight blazer with a windowpane pattern. That it's gray provides a subtle contrast to the black jeans, subtle enough to avoid any clash. This is the convenient thing about menswear because a mere blazer or suit jacket can instantly dress up any outfit. I chose to roll the sleeves up because it's a casual ensemble to begin with.

For accessory I wore a watch and a bunch of different bracelets.

halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 05
halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 06
halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 07
halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 08
halfwhiteboy cyan and gray 09

Can I just say I really love these jeans because even if I packed quite a few pounds in the last couple of months, these jeans make me look thin? Or am I just kidding myself?

Anyway, happy weekend!
V-neck tee (Bench Body); jeans and blazer (both Uniqlo); shoes (Adidas); watch (Pebble Time Steel); bracelets (various).

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  1. Great sporty chic look!!


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