Sunday, March 19, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Pale shades

halfwhiteboy pale shades outfit 01

It's usually all bright colors, florals, and tropical prints we see as the summer heat marches in. It's a good thing, no question, because they all look good under the sun. But whites, pastels and other pale shades also offer another option for keeping ourselves fresh-looking amid the heat. This white polo shirt with pastel blue accents I'm wearing is but one example.

halfwhiteboy pale shades outfit 06

Here I paired it with pants in a pale green shade for a casual Sunday look. It's a close enough color to the accents on my polo that in some photos they look like the same hue. The polo, though, would look just as good with shorts or some faded denim.

For footwear I opted for something dark as a contrast to all the paleness, and these green boat shoes were just perfect for that. And then it's just a bracelet for accessory in keeping up with this "clean" look.

halfwhiteboy pale shades outfit 02
halfwhiteboy pale shades outfit 03
halfwhiteboy pale shades outfit 04
halfwhiteboy pale shades outfit 05

Happy Sunday!
Polo shirt (Collezione C2); pants (Basic House); shoes (Mr. Finch); bracelet (Paragon Manila).

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