Wednesday, December 27, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Christmas with on oversize croc

halfwhiteboy - oversize lacoste logo 01

Christmas installations and decor never fail to bring out the kid in me. So while waiting for a table at the Manila Pen lobby on Christmas Day itself, I just had to have a couple of photos taken. Of me, of course.

I wore another one of Lacoste's polo shirts with an oversize croc logo. It was as if Hermione flicked her wand and muttered "Engorgio!" at the embroidered reptile. I thought it was cute, complemented by contrasting details on the collar and sleeves. Paired it with much cheaper joggers and black sneakers for something comfy and casual.

halfwhiteboy - oversize lacoste logo 02
halfwhiteboy - oversize lacoste logo 03
halfwhiteboy - oversize lacoste logo 04

I know screaming logos are frowned upon by some but I don't mind as long as I think it serves the piece's overall design well, just like how Penshoppe's old 90s logo worked its charm in a sweatshirt I got from them recently. To each his own.

halfwhiteboy - oversize lacoste logo 05

Hope you all had fun over the holidays!
Polo shirt (Lacoste); joggers (Uniqlo); sneakers (Adidas).

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