FRAGRANCE | Absolem EDT by Natalya Lagdameo: Mossy and masculine

halfwhiteboy - Absolem EDT by Natalya Lagdameo

I first saw this fragrance, together with its sister, Tala, on Instagram. RJ Lopena, the nose behind Whiff Artisanal Fragrances, posted about it. Apparently he also is the creator of these two fragrances for Natalya Lagdameo, a Filipina jeweler. Before long we found these fragrances at Cura V at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati, where Lagdameo's jewelries are also sold. I'm loving this store; this was also where I discovered the Eight Wolves brand.

I got a 30ml bottle of Absolem EDT. I forgot how much it cost but if my memory serves me right, I think it's under a thousand pesos. There's a 100ml option but with the number of fragrances I have, I could never fully consume that much. I thought 30ml is enough.

Absolem opens with a combination of some citrus and a bitter, mossy accord. There's nary a touch of sweetness here and I'm digging it. The zing leaves too soon and the bitterness doesn't last either. There's something else here, though, that I can't make out but whatever it is, it gives this already masculine, mossy scent some added character. Is it lavender? I'm not sure. (Update: Lopena confirmed that it is lavender.) Either way, it smells very classic and classy.

About an hour in the scent teeters toward a dry and dusty earthy vibe. It doesn't commit to it, however, and goes back to its moist, mossy base, and then stays this way for the remainder of its duration on my skin. Projection is mostly moderate for at least 2 or 3 hours and then gradually softens thereafter. The scent itself can get you from morning till afternoon but resprays may come in handy if you need an extra kick any time of day.

As far as its scent profile is concerned, I like Absolem, the classic, masculine feel of it. It's a fragrance that suits both daytime and evening wear, and is pretty much a year-rounder. Add to the fact that it's not at all expensive, I say it's worth a try. Support local, guys!


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