[Project Look Book] Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011

Today's look is a personal favorite. I already forgot about this Hermes shirt until I chanced upon it while looking for stuff to wear for my old clothes theme last week. I was fascinated with the print and I asked myself why I haven't been wearing it. But whatever the reason is, it's irrelevant - I'm wearing it now!


So I paired it with trousers from Urban Outfitters, though I was having problems with its length and size. Too late to press another pair of pants, I thought. But after today I'm definitely bringing it to a tailor for some alterations.


The shoes are from Tyler which I got a couple of years ago. And can I tell you a secret? They're actually a size smaller for my feet (sshh!). They weren't available in my size at the time but I wanted them badly. You see, Tyler normally keeps just one pair for each size and model. So I'm feeling a bit of pinching in my feet whenever I wear them. The brown leather bag is from Zara.

Today I also played with some accessories.


This mishmash is composed of a brown leather bracelet from H&M, an ethnic-inspired bracelet, and a leather necklace.


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