Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Project Look Book] Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yesterday I said I looked like a tree. Well, the "green streak" continues today with something really green: my pants. No more tree allusions today but what do I wear with it since they're really green? This was the result:


I fell in love with these pants the moment I saw one on a mannequin at an H&M store in HK. So in love was I that when it was time to "edit" my loot to fit my budget, I foregone a handful of cheaper items just so I could keep this one. And there are absolutely no regrets.

I originally thought of wearing a blue double-breasted jacket with it but I thought it was too formal. Some other time perhaps. So instead, I pulled out my ever-reliable madras jacket from Zara. I actually wished I had an electric blue blazer -- that would be perfect! But because I wanted to tone things down a notch for my green pants's debut, I picked a white shirt from Celio and my not-so-white-anymore loafers from Zara. Then I just went white all the way with the belt, which I realized I haven't worn since getting it from Bangkok last year.

And since it's a fun getup for me, I also had fun with my shoot. So I ended up with a surplus of photos. Here are some:


Now I wish we had H&M here in the Philippines. There are rumors that there will be but jeez, I've heard of similar rumors since last year. But I'm hoping nonetheless.


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