Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[Project Look Book] Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where normally one would dress according to the weather, it was the other way around with me today: the weather behaved according to my outfit. So instead of saying my outfit is perfect for today's wet weather, I'd say my turtleneck and jacket are perfect for this rainy Wednesday!


You see, I've decided the other night that instead of just phony image distortions and floating coins for Magneto week, it should be my outfit that reflects the inspiration from the iconic villain in the first place. It is in this context, therefore, that I am whipping out stuff from my closet that will display my take on Michael Fassbender's effortlessly cool Erik Lehnsherr in X-Men: First Class.


I started off with a black turtleneck from Onesimus. Turtlenecks are evidently a favorite of Erik's in the film, and I perfectly understand why. For one, they're very versatile, casually cool on their own and easy to dress up in an instant. Oh look, he also wore a black one in the movie!


Fassbender's Erik is also very much a suit guy and can also be seen wearing a jacket over his turtleneck. So I took his cue and put on this vintage Yorkers blazer My Bibe bought for me on ebay.


I wore gray pants from Topman to lend some variation in the hues of my outfit. Works well with brown and black anyway.


Finally, I went for these tan Tyler shoes to complete the look. And oh, there's also a tan leather belt around my waist. It's from Topman.

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