[Project Look Book] Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally, some rest! I'm starting the long weekend a day earlier with My Bibe. So I'll have Friday through Tuesday next week free of work. (To my readers outside the Philippines, we have back-to-back holidays next week, Monday being National Heroes' Day and Tuesday marking the end of Ramadan.)


I wore pink today, a vintage Dior that we've thrifted somewhere. A colleague even remarked that it's not something available today, that the fabric was different. Our conversation led to our moms who wore these really short dresses in the 70's, us marveling at how good the fabrics were back then. So I perfectly understand My Bibe's obsession with vintage clothes. And man has she been getting a lot of them from ebay!

Anyway, I put on these gray pinstripe pants from Topman to go with the shirt. I would have worn brown shoes by default but I opted instead for these black ones from Traffic because I wanted to wear a non-leather belt. I went with this striped red one from Polo Ralph Lauren, which is quite the contrast to the sheen of the shirt's fabric. But the belt doesn't have that usual fabric feel. In fact, it's got a smooth finish and some sheen to it. I put on red socks from H&M to tie everything in. For accessories, it's a ring from Aldo and a bracelet from Merger.


The pants look brown in the photos. It's the light coming through the tinted glass windows.



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