Friday, December 9, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, December 8, 2011


Sorry but I've been busy decorating yesterday. Like I've said, we have a Christmas decorating contest within our department and we had to put everything up by Friday for judging. It's nothing really big and it's all in the spirit of fun but bragging rights are priceless. I'll show photos of what became of our office in another post.

And since I've been too busy to blog, picking my Thursday outfit was done on auto-pilot. I also had to be comfortable because I would be dealing with lots of tape, glitter and nylon. Hence, the pink pullover and pinstripe pants. But just to add a bit of flair, I wore this feather necklace from Topman.


Pullover (Celio); pants (Topman); shoes (Aldo).


  1. Nice touch with the feathers. It is amazing how much time Christmas takes especially at work. I have just finished organising my work party for 250. It is tomorrow nighT!

  2. oh, good luck on that. i'm sure it's gonna be great.


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