Friday, January 6, 2012

Instant controversy for new tourism slogan

Oops! Just hours after the Department of Tourism's new slogan was unveiled, controversy already hounded It's more fun in the Philippines. A poster of another tourism campaign from another country 60 years back in time quickly surfaced on the web: It's more fun in Switzerland!

more fun in switzerland

Just as news of the new slogan spread like wildfire across the web, so did the controversy. The DOT immediately dismissed the similarity, however, as a coincidence. And I believe them. It's not like "It's more fun" is highly original and unique; chances are it's been used somewhere else by someone else at some point in time.

Just last the year the same government agency (under a different leadership) was lampooned for allegedly copying Poland's tourism campaign for its now-scrapped Pilipinas Kay Ganda slogan. The DOT Secretary quickly resigned right after.


Not that I'm head over heels over the new slogan but can we just give it a try and just all move forward and travel, entice people to travel, and have fun? Is it really more fun in the Philippines, or are we just more funny than fun?

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