Monday, June 18, 2012

[Lookbook 06.09-11.2012] Color me beach

The rain is pouring hard as I write this and I'm in a bit of reminiscing mode here. Last week, our spur-of-the-moment decision to hit the beach in Boracay couldn't be any better. I guess I've been a very good boy that God blessed us with fine, sunny weather throughout our stay even if weather forecasters predicted some rain. Call it perfect timing but my outfits seemed to reflect the sunny vibe with lots of color.

Day 1
I brought Enchanted Kingdom to Boracay with my purple and bright yellow ensemble. But common, purple goes so well with yellow!


I love how the shorts fit -- tapered and sufficiently short. Because we were flying to Kalibo instead of Caticlan, which meant an additional two-hour ride, I just slipped on some Sanuks for comfort.


I wouldn't be swimming in that outfit so I changed into my favorite pair of swim shorts once I was ready to hit the beach. Just don't mind all the flab and the scars, will you?


Day 2
On our second day, Manny Pacquiao lost his first fight since 2005. Oh well. After lazing around the sun, we paid a visit to our friends at the Red Pirates Pub. We didn't go sailing, though. As for my outfit, this is the least colorful: just blues and grays. The sarong I was just wrapping around myself unconsciously.


Day 3
Time to say goodbye. The loud stripes here are offset by the rather subdued blue of the shorts. I ditched the Sanuks in favor of flip-flops, which I got on the island.


Day 1, first outfit: V-neck printed tee; shorts (Regatta); footwear (Sanuk); watch (Timex); sunnies (H&M).  Day 1, second outfit: striped swim shorts (Folded & Hung).  Day 2: t-shirt (Bench); checked swim shorts (Folded & Hung); sarong; flip-flops (from a shop at D'Mall).  Day 3: striped tee (Domon, Bangkok); shorts (Regatta).


  1. I had those sunglasses but lost them! I used them in a couple of looks. I love all the photos very summer and tropical. Great job!

    1. sorry about that. they're quite affordable, though.

  2. Hahaha I love how you still manage to look good even during your vacation days. When I'm at the beach I don't think I have half the mind to think about how I look but looking at how well you dress makes me feel a bit self conscious haha. I shall strive harder to maintain my style even during vacation!

    Looks like it didn't rain once throughout your stay. I'm a little bit jealous. Manila weather is horrid. Suddenly it's raining and then the next minute it's so hot you could probably fry an egg on the street. Thanks for posting!


    1. oh common! to each his own. in the past, i also didn't give a rat's ass about how i looked while i was on vacation. i still don't sometimes :)

      as for the weather, i was lucky to enjoy uninterrupted sunshine considering it's supposed to be the rainy season already.

      thanks for dropping by, ada!

  3. Love the first t-shirt, especially that bright color :-)

    And... I'm envious, I want to go the sea and instead I'm stuck at university in the city!!! :-)


    1. thanks. stick to your uni studies first. you're gonna be having breaks anyway.

  4. Great photos and outfits. Love these t-shirts. Love those sunglasses too.
    Very nice photos.

  5. Love the firts and the second outfits =P

    Have a nice day!

    J. Héctor

  6. Fantastic T-shirt!

    Besos chipless by Dave Aiman

  7. This is a great beach look. It makes me want to go on vacation!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. AAAAaaaah! A lot of color!!! i love the colors you wear, they're amazing!!!

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Wonderful beach!
    And also I love whole your outfit!!

    You have a wonderful blog, I'm following you now. Follow back? :)

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  10. love the shade, follow your blog

    Herdiana Surachman

  11. Amazing work. The pics are perfect and the post is fantastic. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  12. oh wao you look gorgeous in that first pic!!!so colorful!!

  13. This is an amazingggg outfit! If only all men dressed like you! Check out my blog and lets be followers.


    Stiletto Beats

  14. You have soo many lovely t-shirt's :)

  15. love your summer style..and your blog too..
    i follow you by now.. would you like to follow me'??

    Please can you give me a comment to these new outfit?

  16. i love the colors. Greetings from Mexico


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