Sunday, June 21, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 20Jun2015: Dreaming in the city

hwb 01

De Niro, Scorsese, and DiCaprio may have wanted in but I was never as keen. It's not the type of place Kwittiegirl and I usually go to but we just spent the weekend at City of Dreams Manila. We left our hotel room for dinner and then went around to see what dreams exactly were here in this little city.

hwb 02

So what to wear so I don't look like the hampaslupa (vagrant) that I am? A long-sleeve shirt is probably the easiest way -- or at least the first step -- to dressing up with some dignity. You can build on it from here: tie, jacket, you name it.

But to keep it casual I simply wore colored jeans, which was also a minor exercise on color play. I don't know what this shade of blue is called but it works well with the olive green pants.

And to keep it even more relaxed I wore sneakers for footwear, but not the colorful and flamboyant type. I still wanted some semblance of elegance, you see. And for accessories I ditched the wristwatch for a bracelet and a ring.

hwb 03
hwb 04

As we went into the casino I immediately noticed that the color of my shirt was quite close to what the casino security were wearing. But instead of feeling queasy and uncomfortable, I chose to ignore the whole thing. It was probably just me who's noticed it anyway.

hwb 05
hwb 06
hwb 07
hwb 08

Gambling's not really my thing and shopping attractions were very limited here, but the kid in me instantly perked up at the sight of Toothless (of How to Train Your Dragon fame) and a slew of other Dreamworks characters.

hwb 09
Toothless, a.k.a. Night Fury!

hwb 10
The Incredible Hulk Shrek.

hwb 11
This kid got some Toothless keepsakes from the shop. What ever happened to dignity?

hwb 12
Calling it a night.

Called it a night. Let the dreaming begin!
Shirt (Tyler); colored jeans (Uniqlo); sneakers (Lacoste); bracelet (Merger).

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  1. That blue shirt is very elegant! I really like this type of collar and it's great for men who want to avoid wearing ties...all in all, a great outfit!


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